Nous rachetons vos stocks morts

Victoire Coupey Jun 14, 2023 Recyclage 0 Comments
We buy your dead stock

We buy back your dead stock!!

You're an automotive manufacturer, a player in the automotive parts sector and you're faced with dead stock or dormant stock? you don't know what to do with it anymore and you're looking for a solution to get rid of it? At Ouikeep, we've got the solution for you!

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Dead stock is a real headache for any logistician, as it has negative consequences for the company in terms of space, financial losses and time. In fact, those car parts you no longer use take up space that could be used for better performing items, and can lead to significant financial losses after just three years. What's more, trying to sell them off can cost you valuable time for managing high-performance inventory and/or developing the business.

We buy back dead stock of automotive parts from dealers, garages, major retailers and automotive manufacturers. We buy your dead stock or dormant inventory to give it a second life. We are able to revalue your batches of auto parts by selling or transforming them. In the event that we can't repurpose them, we recycle them thanks to our partnership with Vitamine T, a nearby company that offers recycling solutions and also provides internships for people in difficulty to help them acquire professional skills.

Our solution is simple:

  • 1. Contact us and let's list your automotive parts lots together
  • 2. We'll propose a solution and take care of the transport!"
  • 3. All you have to do is send the invoice!


At Ouikeep, we work in partnership with many players in the automotive sector, including dealerships, distributors, garages and bodywork manufacturers of all sizes. We are proud to be able to offer them a global solution for their dead or dormant stocks of automotive parts!

If you are a player in the automotive parts sector and have dormant/dead stocks of automotive parts, don't hesitate to contact us. We're here to offer you a tailor-made solution and help you get rid of those that are costing you money and limiting your development.

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