About us

Why Ouikeep?

The mission of Ouikeep is to give a second life to automotive parts resulting from car body transformations:

  1. Either by upcycling them through sales, by providing you with original parts at the best price, for your automotive modifications;
  2. Or by recycling and transforming them with people in integration (Vitamin T).

All of our automotive parts are new, original, and sourced from the circular economy.

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Ouikeep, actor of the circular economy

What to do with auto parts that cannot be sold? It was unthinkable for us to throw them away... So we had to find a solution!

At Ouikeep, we recycle and transform them thanks to our eco-design office! How is this possible?

Let's consider a seat that would not have found a buyer:

  1. The scrap will be 100% recycled;
  2. Its backrest will be used for the manufacture of registration card holders;
  3. Its fabric covering will be used to make sturdy bags;
  4. Its foam will be used as cushion stuffing;
  5. Its plastic will be reused as raw material for a 3D printer.

This seat now has not just one but several second lives! All of the products designed by Ouikeep and made by Vitamin T are returned to the vehicles of our bodywork partners. The loop is closed!

But we couldn't do this alone, Vitamin T is with us!

Who is Vitamin T? Simply put, it's a team:

  1. Alive, dynamic, and motivated;
  2. Local and made up of people in integration;
  3. Committed to the environment.

Yes, together we can turn our waste into resources!

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Our convictions

"All bound by the same destiny, together in the same family of Nations. With OuiKeep, let's take care of our planet."


"I want to bring all my energy to a project that makes the world a better place! In my personal life, I pay a lot of attention to the impact I have on the planet: always on my bike, a fan of local markets and bulk shopping... Now I want to get involved professionally too!"